2.4 'Good' Open Research

Activity 8: ‘Good’ Open Research (Optional)

In addition to thinking for oneself, what other kind of qualities, skills or attributes might a ‘good’ open researcher have? What does ‘good’ open research look like? What are its benefits? Either think it through yourself, research online, or discuss with friends or colleagues. Write your own short list and post in the forum. Look for difference/similarities with others and comment on at least two other contributions.

Once you’ve posted your own short list, reviewed other posts and commented on at least two other contributions, return to section 2.4.

No-one got around to completing this exercise during the first presentation of the course, but it will be interesting to see what people come up with later. The key thing to think about here is what kind of virtues we might expect a ‘good researcher’ to have, and whether these differ in open research contexts. The Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise report at http://www.interacademycouncil.net/File.aspx?id=28279 even suggests that openness is a core academic value. (This chapter is useful reading, by the way!)

I’m not surprised our group has not yet answered this one - it makes you think. We are in the midst of exploring all these issues, and so it’s quite hard to boil them down at this stage into a simple and clear approach. However, without being too complicated, most things can be reduced to steps, and an open researcher would always prioritise transparency. I’d say that along with all attempts and intentions to be clear and open, none of that matters if the researcher does not check for understanding in the participants, and adapt their approach to ensure information is being received and understood.