Chicago Study Group @ CPL

Hey there,

are you located in the Windy City? Are you studying with other people in the CPL? You’re awesome! Say HI to Emily for me.

Oh, here is the place where you can have all sorts of conversations with all sorts of people that come by. Ask or answer a question from your fellow learner today.

Hello, found and bookmarked this page. Now I have information to use for study/preparation for Saturday, May 16 meeting. See you there

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Glad you’ve found it! This is a good place to work asynchronously when you aren’t together on Saturday mornings. I hope you can mention this to your peers next week and get more people on Discourse. Welcome!

Is anyone in the Windy City working on Exercise 1.7 – Rock, Paper, Scissors from MIT 6.189 Homework 1? Among the MMOOC in general, we have come up with a variety of approaches, and it would be interesting to see additional examples of code.

Not yet I am still working on Lesson 3

Hi everybody. I finally decided to come here to see if anyone knows what I should do about using a Python Shell or IDLE for the homework and other exercises since there is not one on the public computers in the library.

Hi @Louport

if there is no IDLE on the library laptops you can always use Python shell or just regular Comand Prompt.

One does not need IDLE in order to be able to work on the exercises.

If you are having troubles using any of those please let us know.

Have a great day,