Facilitators meeting

Hey there,

are you one of the facilitators or the participants of a face 2 face study groups? I would love to meet you and share some experiences.
I have created a doodle, so we can see if there are free time slots in our schedules that would collide. Please share your availability with me here

Can’t wait to meet you all!


Hey there @Glenn

I was wondering if you are you interested and available to join the meeting that we are organizing with all the facilitators of the face to face groups and anyone who would like to join really. I notice you have been a great help for many of the people here at the forum, and so we think it would be rad (do people still say this word?) if you could join and meet us. We would be really happy to meet you!

It is happening this Thursday 5/14/15 3:00 PM UTC. We will be using google hangout, the link to the hangout is: https://unhangout.media.mit.edu/h/p2pu

There is going to be @dirk, @grif, @zinkeldonk @Bekka_Kahn Emily and myself and if we can find anyone else that is interested.

Please join…

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Hi, Erika:

Thanks for the invitation to participate in the facilitators’ Google Hangout. Yes, as you say, it will be quite rad √ (have not heard that word used lately, but have seen the symbol). Is there any background information that I should have, but may have missed, because I have no official relationship to the MMOOC? If there is, I would be happy to look at it prior to the time of the Hangout, if it can be provided.

@Glenn, aka Glenn

Hi Glenn,

The √ meeting is going to commence today and I have added you to the calendar invitation. I hope you got it, but if not no fear. Like mentioned it is happening today at 11AM EST and we will be meeting here

The background info:
When we started this iteration of this course, we decided to organize some face to face study groups around the course, basically a few of us gathered some people that were interested in taking the course and would like to do it with a support of their peers. The groups are meeting once a week and people are discussing the course any problems they might have with Python and ice cream and/or traveling… In short they are learning together.

The few people who are organizing this groups will be meeting and share some insights about the dynamics of learning of their particular group and we might also discuss some ice cream and/or travel as well :smile: , but mainly the interactions we have with other learners.

Since you are very active and helpful here, what we consider the virtual study group it is only right to involve you if you wish.

I hope you have enough background info and can get more when we see us at the meeting!


Thanks for the information, Erika. I have received the invitation, and have RSVPed by clicking the “yes” radio button (== True in Python).

… no ice cream here, but do have some yogurt, flavored with green tea, which tastes like green tea ice cream.

Hmm … travel? My wife and I will be camping on Fire Island this weekend. :smile:

So, there, we’re all set.

√! (rad factorial)