Is there a syllabus and timetable for this course?

If yes, where are they? So far I’ve only received one MOOC email (dated April 28). That email didn’t contain a url for a centralized MOOC website.

There has been a course schedule during the five previous runs, at Course Sequence, with links to all the resources, but the current iteration of the course is not listed there, as of today, May 1, 2015. The links from the previous runs are still live, and the resources provided are all very useful. In my opinion, a centralized place to go, periodically, would help people stay connected to all the components of the course.

One thing I’ve been wondering about is whether the Hangman, Conway’s Game of Life, and Tetris projects will all be part of this iteration, and whether Tetris will be offered in the same manner this time around. Since the current schedule is not published, this is uncertain. My impression was that participants found the Tetris project challenging during previous runs, but since we now have a good discussion group via P2PU, the current group may find it easier to work together on it.

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Where can I find discussion on the tetris game for this course?

Hi @JMBoston - this course doesn’t have a centralized MOOC website, but is like a study guide. From there you can find links to content in different places:

  • - this discussion forum. This is where we are having this discussion and where you can ask any questions
  • CodeCademy - where you can do programming exercises in your browser!
  • MIT Open Course Ware - where you can find other exercises
  • Thinking like a computer scientist - the textbook for the course


The past five iterations used the Tetris project from MIT’s Computer Science 6.189 course. We, of course, have not been told whether this is the same project that will be assigned this time around. The project uses many concepts that have not yet been presented during the current run of the MMOOC, so while it may seem difficult right now, it should make more sense later, after the concept of Classes has been presented in the Codecademy Python track.

Here is the link to the instructions for what was assigned in the past: 6.189 Final Project – Tetris!.

As for discussion among MMOOC participants regarding the project, it was conducted on OpenStudy, but I cannot find that discussion there now. When the time comes, we can discuss it here at P2PU.

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That’s right, @Glenn and @Rose_Ketring - this forum will be the space where we can come together for any and all discussions related to this course.

If you have questions, they might already be discussed in one of the threads you see on the landing page. If not, you can always start a discussion by just scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking on the link that says “why not create a topic”. Couldn’t be easier.

Some of your compadres have already started conversations related to the homework and the CodeAcademy track, so keep checking in here as you work through the materials.

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Thank you for replying to my question. I think I figured it out :smiley: