Python Project Safari


So you’ve been learning lots of Python so far! Have you ever wondered what other people do using Python? Here are two projects using Python that I like:

Blender 3D - 3D modelling software written in Python and C. All the scripting happens in Python and there is a game engine in Python.

PyGame - A library for creating games in Python.

Find a programming project that you like and share.


@dirk I have been using Blender for a while, which happened to be one of my original reasons for wanting to learn Python.


I did some research and I can see there is a lot of Python software out there.

I often use Inkscape for creating graphical stuff (part of my robot personality is, that I am very intrigued by a vector art) and I just found out that part of this program is also written with Python.


This fella:


terminator is an excellent terminal emulator for linux also written on python.


With Google App Engine, users can create web pages dynamically. Python, Java, PHP, or Go can be used to write the code that renders the web pages. This dynamically-written code can include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Below is a screen capture of a web page supported by Python in Google App Engine. It uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create an interactive map of New York City via the Google Maps JavaScript API.



Hey @bkglass - have you used Python for any Blender scripting so far?


@dirk surprisingly, I have not attempted any Python scripts in Blender yet… But I will as I become more comfortable with Python.

This video is what peaked my interest in using Python scripts in Blender -
The video may seem a bit ‘hacky’ , but I could see the potential in using scripts in Blender.

Have you done any scripting in Blender?