Reflection on what others have said about openness (week 1)

During week 1, the second activity is to read at least five views of openness from others, from a survey we did recently:"open"_mean_to_you

Then, thinking about those and about what was discussed in our session with David Wiley this week, please discuss here your thoughts about those views. You could, for example, talk about one of the following (or something else of your choosing):

  • You might compare these views on openness to your own view or those
    you read from other participants, considering similarities and
    differences. Or whether there is anything new or surprising to you in
    this list of meanings of openness.

  • Another thing you could think about is whether there is any sort of significant relationship between what people do, and/or their
    profession, and their view of what openness means. Perhaps some
    people in similar lines of work agree on some aspects of openness?