Session 1: Setting a Vision for Making

Upload what you’ve completed with your vision statement – either what you’ve written in the tool or your current version of a vision statement. You could also include a video recording of you making your pitch!

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MakerSpace Vision Statement (2nd Grade):
We believe in a strong academic and character based foundation based on the desire to explore, lead, and serve a global society. We aim to set the stage for our scholars to collaborate, design, re-purpose, and problem solve through trouble-shooting, diagnosis, and trial and error. We know when students are confident in their discovery through perseverance and inquiry, true learning takes place- even stretching ideas to ask new questions to explore. We will succeed when students show independence using materials, collaborate with others to engineer and design, and seek out the MakerSpace to initiate their own challenges.


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We’ve come up with the following for our upcoming exhibition HandMADE:
WE BELIEVE making creates value around objects and a greater understanding of subjects. People are and have always been makers and our collection highlights that. This exhibition supports our museum mission by engaging audiences through the act of making in the presence of our collections. BASED ON our extensive collection, demonstrated application of VTS, and our varied staff expertise in collections, education, exhibition design, and maker knowledge. WE AIM TO facilitate the love of making, provide a new and exciting access point for our collections, and help visitors to develop a passion for our collection and buy in for preservation. FOR WHOM new and existing visitors, families, summer camps and youth groups, and makers and artists. Our stakeholders are our visitors, staff and volunteers, board members, artists and makers, educators, VTS trainers, and Smithsonian Affiliates. BECASUSE WE KNOW people want to touch and interact with our exhibits. Physical engagement leads to deeper understanding and a more memorable experience. Interactives encourage family visitation and learning across generations. We have observed that visitors tend to spend more time in galleries when there is an invitation to interact. WE WILL SUCCEED WHEN the space is active with people engaging in discussions, making, and observing. People spend more time in the gallery, and they come back. We will measure this through facilitator evaluation and visitor feedback. We will explore creative methods of evaluation such as an invitation for visitors to photograph themselves with finished projects.

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Our makerspace allows students to learn to lead their learning. We will use the maker mindset to grow our Hive attributes (courage, determination, respect, community, compassion, hope) into the four maker mindsets.

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Makerspace Visions Statement
At MGD, we envision our makerspace as a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation, where students and educators come together to imagine, design, and create. Our makerspace is a place where hands-on learning and collaboration are celebrated, and where the boundaries of traditional education are expanded.

Our makerspace is a space where curiosity is encouraged, and where students are empowered to explore, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. It is a place where the seeds of innovation are sown, and where the problem-solvers and inventors of tomorrow are nurtured.

We believe that our makerspace will inspire a new generation of critical thinkers, tinkerers, and creators. It will serve as a catalyst for interdisciplinary learning, bridging subjects, and connecting students with real-world challenges. Our makerspace will be a place where diversity and inclusivity are valued, and where the unique talents and perspectives of each student are embraced.

In our makerspace, we envision a future where students not only learn about the world but actively shape it. It is a place where skills such as adaptability, resilience, and collaboration are cultivated. Our makerspace will be a driving force behind the development of the problem solvers, innovators, and leaders of the 21st century.

Ultimately, our makerspace is a reflection of our commitment to providing a transformative education that prepares our students to navigate a rapidly changing world. Together, we will build, create, and imagine, and in doing so, we will bring our vision to life in our makerspace at MGD.