Set a goal this week

This week, take a minute to set a goal for yourself and post in in reply to this topic. Here are a few examples:

“I will spend 3 hours working this week”
“I will spend 5 minutes debugging my own code before I Google the answer”
“I will try all the functions in the homework”

When you post a goal, also comment on how your peers can help you reach your own goal and what you can do for them. Working with co-learners is a great way to stay accountable to your own goals for yourself and help others achieve whatever it is they set out to do themselves.

My goal this week is to spend several hours looking at code that others have posted here and on Codecademy, and to write and contribute some of my own. This forum and the Codecademy Q&A forums are both great venues for that. My peers can help me reach that goal by posting their code :wink: regardless of whether they are working on introductory or more advanced material. Sharing code is the best way for us to learn from each other. It would be especially nice to have an opportunity to interact with more of the people here who are new to Python.


My goal this week is to catch up with the rest of the class. I am a few days behind.


If you have any code that you would like us to look at, we would be happy to see it, even if it is from a past assignment. If fact, there are probably lots of MMOOC participants working on the earlier material, and I actually like to look at and think about that material again, periodically.

Or something along the lines of:

  • I will ask to see someone else’s solution to a task that I already did and compare them (code review)

  • I will dedicate 15 minutes to think about another way I could solve the task

  • I will peak into what is next in the course (

  • I will share which is my favorite flavour of ice-cream :smile:

My goal next week is to START! I have been finishing up a master’s thesis, just done, and now have some time. Not a problem … I’ve done some Codecademy Python before.

I’m actually preparing to teach a middle school Python RPG course this summer, so I’d better get cracking! If anyone else reading this has taught Python to middle school students, OR is involved with role-playing-game development with Python, sing out?


I don’t know if it’s a goal or commitment, but for the duration of this course I plan to spend ± 3 hours a week on

  • staying up to date with discussions that happen on the forum
  • assisting anyone with Python or logistical issues
  • periodically checking in on facilitators running study group meetings to hear how it’s going

Goat’s milk yogurt with matcha tea (powdered green tea) mixed in. :slight_smile: It tastes like green tea ice cream.

So, added to the previous commitments …

  • I will dedicate one hour this week to eating green tea flavored yogurt.
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I am still working on the first week’s material. I may be able to catch up with the schedule somewhat by the end of this week but I will probably not finish the course on schedule. I will complete the course though probably by July.
I thought it was kind of odd that I typed in the correct code for one of the questions and it failed to produce the answer. I was using the variable “z” for the equasion (4-7)**3 and the interpreter gave not response. I changed it to “a” just to try something and it worked. But then I figured that there should be no reason that I can’t use “z” so I retyped it with “z” as the variable name and it worked. I checked and double checked to see if I had made a typo in my previous attempts but that was not the case.

Also, it seems like I have to reset my password every time I log in here. I don’t even bother to change it anymore I just copy and past it from my text file where I keep my passwords.

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time on this forum to see what others are experiencing and have to say.

My goal is to try and squeeze in some Python on a daily basis. Life seems to enjoy speeding up on me lately leaving me with very little time to do much else. I am committed to learning Python so I can get a firm grip on it and continue my computer languages.

Glad you are here @bmoreinis. If you can finish a master’s thesis, then I’m sure you can get started this week. @philgil might be at the same point as you if you are looking for a peer buddy.

There is a place to log bugs over at if you are finding that you need to keep reseting your password. In the meantime, I’m glad it’s not preventing you from joining!

How’s it going @Rose_Ketring? Have you managed to get a bit of time in for Python?

I haven’t started yet and probably won’t

Hey, Grif n folks!

I’m up to Week 4. I loved the handholding of PyCharm but it slows down my computer to a crawl for some reason … so, going to Notepad++ and relying on my memory.

I went with Python 3.4. This caused some difficulties (3.4 wants everything printed in parentheses, not a requirement for 2.7) and one big challenge: 3.4 did not like the code in the library. But I found a version of that was adjusted for 3.4:

Enjoy, all you sinners who talk to snakes!



I’ve been a bit busy lately but returned to it today only to get stuck on MIT Homework 2 problem set 2.3

Otherwise, I have been moving along supplementing with a book on python. Functions just defy my understanding at the moment :slight_smile:

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Have you made it past MIT 6.189 Homework 2, problem set 2.3? I’m a tad stuck.