Study groups... join one or organize it!


Hello lovely people!

Your activities on this thread excites me. I can see you are people who are aware of how important it is to learn with other like-minded individuals, at least for a while.

I recommend you make a new topic for your location, so people who come in later can search for their preferable location in threads and your post does not get lost in a sea of other conversations.

p.s.: Just make sure you put you thread under the topic: “Gentle Introduction to Python”


Hi @sholto_douglas, you can email me on phil (at)


That would be nice to have a study group in Chesapeake, VA.


Quick link for some Python basics.


Hi @fritzm, I’m arranging this in Cape Town at the South African Astronomical Observatory. Let me know if you wish to join our group.


For those of you in Johannesburg, there is now a Meetup group that you can join for a study group: The first meeting is Tuesday the 6th of May 6:15PM at the Jozihub.


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I’m in VB, would be able to make the travel!! :slight_smile:


SAAO is fine for me; when do you want to meet?


I’m in Lexington, KY. Anybody else in the bluegrass region?

A long time ago [in a galaxy far away] I was a programmer/analyst. I’m looking to upgrading, renewing, and reviving my skills so I can get back into programming and systems analysis.