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I’m Vanessa–Learning Scientist over here at these parts.

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My fight song is “The Warrior” by Scandal. :smile:

I’m Jason and my spirit animal is a blobfish.

Tammy Clegg
Learning Sciences Researcher
Fight song: We Won’t Be Shaken/Keep Pounding (if that’s a song)
Spirit Animal: Human


I’m Jeff in Atlanta. I’m an educational technologist. My spirit animal is a Silkie. My fight song is “Playing Your Song” by Hole.

Hi! I’m beth, I’m a member of the learning-family-learning team, and (I think) my spirit animal is a chameleon, my fight song is currently either the cover Andrew Huang did of the Rosetta project comet or Wings by little mix (I think)…


Obviously, I’m a little bit waffle-y… :smile:

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I’m Daniel in Maryland. The spirit animal given to me when I got my black belt was porcupine. And I have no idea about my fight song.


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Jason, how does this represent your spirit animal???

I would like to see a Silkie.

Hi I’m Austin! I’m a newcomer to the state of Maryland. My spirit animal is the kangaroo and my fight song is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley :slight_smile:


Hi :smile:
My name is Judith - I’m a currently a PhD student in Human Centered Computing at UMBC. I love working with low-income families and using technology to improve their education.

Spirit Animal: errrrr… Not sure.
Fight Song: Anything with a great beat - I listen to everything.


Blobfish don’t do bootcamp.

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I think Tammy Clegg is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. :blush:


I think Beth B. R.O.C.K.S!!!


@judith_o It’s hard for me to decide on music, too. I love a lot…

@Elizabeth_Bonsignore that is so stellar.

Better than @jasoncyip.

Thought @ahnjune is pretty used to me by this point.

@Tamara_Clegg @Elizabeth_Bonsignore Looks like it will taste good breaded and fried in butter… hehehe

@vanessa @ahnjune @dpauw