Why learn Python?

I’ve been learning HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. Based on this learning experience and talking to professionals it seems that most of the Internet work done these days is front end, using the tools I just mentioned (plus more like TypeScript, a superset of JavaScipt).

Python or maybe C# or PHP is used for back-end data server work, which is more complex and work done by dedicated pros. So I guess most people don’t get involved in this.

Python itself, while taught in college, seems to be mainly used for math, engineering and science classes, but not any public or front-end work. Only a college professor or a classmate sees your work.

Thus I’m having a hard time trying to understand the point of learning a language like Python, when most everything done is front-end. Any comments from any professionals in the field?

As you mentioned, Python is widely used for math, engineering and science classes. In addition to education, it is used for working with research data in those disciplines, as well as for natural language processing, artificial intelligence, big data projects, and machine learning. For those who wish to get started with using Python for back end work with web sites, and not necessarily on a professional level, there is Google App Engine.

An argument to be made for learning Python as your first language is that it is a fairly clean language and the concepts that you will learn will apply to most other languages that you would use. (ps. I’m not against learning other languages as a first language)