Writing for Change: Say Hello And Find Your Crew

Hello all!

My name is Kaiya Letherer, I currently live in Providence, RI. I just started my second year as an AmeriCorps member in Rhode Island. Last year I worked at the Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence teaching nonviolence to elementary aged students and this year I am working at College Unbound (where I’m also a student!) doing community outreach and strategic partnerships.

I am interested in all things education and using education as a tool for building social change and creating equity.

Looking forward to this class!


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From my understanding this first assignment was to give a small introduction about myself.

Hello my name is Danyelle Delves I am a 29 year old mother of two. I work for the Providence school dept for the last 8 years. I am a teacher assistant in a behavior classroom with grades 6th-8th. I decided to go back to college to further my education and secure my families future. When I was introduced to College Unbound I knew that we had a future together. Everything about it was right the time schedule and also the extra support that I knew I would need.

I am now hopefully in my last year here with college unbound as a student. I look forward in learning and growing in this online writing class.


Whats up! My name is Ajay im 35yrs old and I live in RI. I am father of three and the youngest of seven siblings. I grew up in a time when being a involved in the streets was cool, I guess you can say. But once I got my share of run in with the law I was good. Education was always something I want to accomplish as I got older. I never really had time to go back to college until I heard about college unbound. Everything about the school was a perfect fit for me. I am a fan of ISPN and PICO these two organization do real grass roots work in communities. I am a fan of these writers: James Baldwin, Shawn Carter, Kanye west, Donold Gones and Dr Seuss.

If you want to look into the organization that currently work for is: http://www.nonviolenceinstitute.org/AboutUs/Staff/tabid/172/Default.aspx


whats up shawty? you didn’t list any authors or organizations that you love. Whats up with that! I’m playing with you, lol good job.

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My name is Jose Rodriguez I am a sort of social worker who deal with a population of at risk youth, what I mean by at risk is gang involvement. I am interested in forming a non profit of my own some day but realize writing grants and such is a great part of that, so I am here to get pointers practice and anything else I can gain from my peers. I am a student at college unbound in Providence RI and this is not the regular school setting but it is the best school setting.

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I also found in some aspect I do not have a favorite author but I do have a favorite topic to read about and that topic is how hardships in urban communities where designed way before I was born.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Marggines (Mar.G.Nes), this is my third year in College Unbound. I came across Writing For Change through my college adviser and facilitator Adam. A little bit about my self is that I am absolutely in love with music, it’s been my passion since I was a toddler. I enjoy producing & engineering instrumentals as well as singing and performing. Aside from music I also take pleasure in film and graphic design. I am part of a music group that goes by the name of Music One. We make all original music, and thanks to our Mentor/Manager we get the opportunities to showcase our songs all throughout the country and in front of very amazing individuals.

If you’d like to take a listen to some of our music and my instrumentals please feel free:
www.Reverbnation.com/MusicOneRI or www.Soundcloud.com/Marggines
:smile: lol

For a while now, one of the many issues that I feel is most important to me as a person, are the immigration laws that we carry-out here in the United States. Though it is a very general topic it affects such a big popularity in our country. Most of which I can relate with, because I am an immigrant. I was born in Dominican Republic and came to the U.S. when I was 7 years old. I’ve seen things and have gone through things that no 7 year old should have to see or go through. And though I’m not much of a politician I am willing to use my “Gifts” (For lack of a better term) to make a difference and change what is injustice about the immigration system.

I am currently resided in Providence, Rhode Island. I live with my parents and my younger sister. I am looking forward to working in what I love and eventually make enough income to not only support myself but my family here in the U.S. and in Dominican Republic.

An organization that admire, aside from the ones I am already involved in… I don’t know many. So I wouldn’t want to randomly pick an organization. I’ve heard of a lot of great people doing really great things, and though I may not get involved in those projects, just the fact that they’re taking an initiative to make a difference is admirable.


Hello everyone!
My name is Gina and I am a College Unbound continuing education student. I am also a preschool teacher and mother of two great kids. I enjoy writing short stories and may become inspired to write poetry once in a while. I am currently working on the genealogy of my family and I would like to write a story about my grandmother’s grandmother. I am moved by the energy of the peaceful protesters in Ferguson. I enjoy reading historical fiction and blogs. I hope I can add something to this forum. I know I’ll be gaining lots of insight and support here.
Thank you!


I honestly learned something about I never knew you where Dominican go you!!!

Hi. I’m Jenna. I also work at College Unbound but I’d probably have stumbled into this thing at some point or another anyway, because this is the sort of thing I do! I studied philosophy/East Asian studies in college and part of me wants to end up being a batty professor who speaks ASL with gorillas all day, but I really don’t like academia. We’ll see! Also, my hair’s usually rainbow and I like cats.

As for what’s important to me? I mean…I love studying everything, learning about everything, etc; I’m the sort of person who did a senior thesis about puns, because every little thing is worth really analyzing and looking at with that lens of legitimacy that “academia” (as it is) gives certain things that are only accessible to certain people. I’m the sort of person who will actually try anything at least once (within reason, of course); I devour experiences and try to get as much interaction with as many things as possible. I get stuck in the Wikipedia Loop very easily. And books/writers? How to decide?!
Academically, I’m a huge fan of Bertrand Russell, Stephen Pinker, Daniel Dennett, etc…but I have a huge soft spot for Harry Potter, comic books/graphic novels, and video games (which I think count as both reading and thinking, if you play the right ones :wink: ). Because, well, being an “adult” doesn’t necessarily mean being a grown-up!

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Hello everyone, my name is Sokhna. I am a student at College Unbound and hope to learn from everyone and be an efficient participant.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Sandra Peltier and I am excited to be a part of this writing group. I recently graduated from College Unbound through Charter Oak State College…it only took me 20 year! I have worked with special needs children for the past five years establishing home based therapeutic services. I truly love my job.

College Unbound has changed my life and I want to give back to this program. I will be working with students at CU helping them accomplish their dreams!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me!!!

Some of my favorite writers are James Rollins, Dan Brown, Gillian Flynn, Catherine Coulter and Patricia Cromwell. I love a good mystery/thriller!

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I’m Jessica Musila and I currently run a Parliamentary Monitoring Site www.mzalendo.com in Kenya.

Hello and greetings from Columbus, Ohio. My name is Brandi and I currently work as a systems improvement consultant. In this role I have the opportunity to work with public and non-profit organizations to assist with streamlining processes to build capacity within their organization. Through this work I have noticed that many organization have great purpose and vision but often times run into issues when it’s time to deploy and measure their impact in the community. So as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I want to volunteer to help non-profits over these hurdles. This course is the first step in doing that.

Hello my name is Danyelle. I live in Providence RI born and raised. I have two children, a boy and a girl. I work for the Providence School Dept with children in 6th - 8th grade. I love working with kids, every job that I have had has been with children. I look forward to working in this class and learning with you all.
I attend College Unbound with Charter Oak State College. I am in my senior year working hard to graduate this May.
I would say the most important issues that are important to me is providing for my family and giving my kids the best future I could.

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@Sandy @Jenna_Galka @squeakie @Brandi @Sokhnad welcome to you. I really look forward to the wealth of interests and experiences you bring to our crew.

Hi Kaiya,

I am interested in using education for social change too! I think I am looking to break down the traditional idea of a teacher. I believe each person in our community is a teacher and with that in mind see the importance for everyone to understand the practice of ‘non-violent communication.’

I am super interested in how to be involved in community outreach & building strategic relationships between people who have experienced trauma. I believe that we all can play a role in supporting one another.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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Hey Folks,

I am Aneudy Alba, a student with College Unbound and Artist Mentor at New Urban Arts. New Urban Arts is a non-profit organization here in Providence Rhode Island that serves as an open art studio for teens in Providence during after school hours. I am also an alumnus of the program and am working on collecting an oral history/ethnography of the space because it means so much too so many. I felt the need to do so after being both unsatisfied with other writer’s observations of the space and because it is truly hard to describe, but so easy to experience what makes NUA special.

An important issue for me is having youth to be able to learn and retain a creative practice in a safe space. I know that many cities across the US provide this and I am interested in finding and learning more about them. It is really important for our youth of today to be able to develop and express themselves in a way that is creative, positive, and empowering.

I am interested in the works of Bell Hooks, Studs Terkel, and writers who manage to touch on bigger social issues through fiction like Chuck Palahniuk and Jorge Louis Borges.

Hello everyone! My name is Rachael. I love laughing, cold pizza and new adventures. I work for the Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund as a strategic researcher. I love my job. Through my time at College Unbound I came to realize that there was a much bigger world out there and that I had the ability to see it all. I look forward to working with all of you this semester! cheers!

I am working on a project right now that follows me home from the workplace. The energy crisis in New England is a very serious matter and is not going away. I am fighting for the Northeast Expansion Direct Pipeline from NY to MA. This pipeline will allow much needed natural gas to be delivered to New England, lowering the price to heat our homes during these brutal winters. The big fight I am up against is solar power vs natural gas. Please do not get me wrong… I am all for solar… but the technology is simply not mature enough for New England to rely on solar alone. It is so very important that we supplement with natural gas in order to bridge the gap. The New England Region Organizing Fund is fighting hard with Kinder Morgan to make this pipeline a reality.