Activity 3: What Will Your Artifact Be?


That’s a real good idea, but did you take pics back then? Or will you take some now?


Hey @ajay I left a few comments in the doc, but here are the links also that I shared:

ACT UP Oral History Project on HIV/AIDS epidemic:
(artifact is website + audio)

Oral History Exhibition at Eastern State Penitentiary:
(artifact is audio + exhibition)

This is @asbush’s “wheelhouse” so I’m sure he will have a lot to say.


@Gina are you familiar with the Urban Food Project?

I’d love to see a “How-to” do farming specifically aimed at parents–maybe outlining some subsidies folks can use, or highlighting the stories of people who do it well (and that you can ask for advice from).

Love to see this as it develops!


This sounds great I can not wait to see it! I can picture in my mind a spot at the institute with these photographs of barbering in place serving to inspire. -Lisa


rough draft/ramblings for Manifesto


I could not agree with you more the old way of teaching is just that the old way of teaching.


@Vanessa still trying to figure out how to get the badge I try to submit a project but it does not let me ;(


Hi Vanessa,
I have not! I guess great minds think alike! I wanted to be a part of the movement so I’m working on ways to get more people involved. I am a member of The South Side Community Land Trust in Providence. I don’t get to volunteer as much as I’d like (I did it once on my birthday!) because of the distance from my home. I would like something like that here in Ct near Norwich. For me, it helps inner city people feel connected to their community and how their food is grown. For this project, I want to draw light onto alternative food sources, pride and partnership. Thank you so much for the manual! Giving me ideas!!


I was struggling on what my artifact would be due to the confidential environment I work in. Additionally, it is often difficult to interview children with special needs. I decided that I would observe children that attend our after school recreation program. The children are relaxed in this setting and their comments and actions will be spontaneous. Through observation I can collect data and write a reflection! Finally, I have my artifact.


I wasn’t sure what my artifact was going to be. But I decided to integrate some of my classes with this one. Just so it was a little easier on me knowing that I didn’t have all these different assignments, and again that’s what CU is all about. I am creating a project called the girls club. It’s a mentoring program designed to help empower young woman of today. I decided to write the Providence Journal a letter describing my concerns with our city and the reasons why we need more programs in our city.
Hoping that this letter touches the right desk and maybe I get a response.


Awesome, way to go @Sandy - looks great!


Hey @Danyelle_J_Delves: to whom at the journal did you send the letter? Or to what email address?


Hi @squeakie were you able to sign up for a P2PU account? Once you sign up, you should be able to submit for a Badge at: