Activity 3: What Will Your Artifact Be?

Now that you’ve read several stories of “how”, it’s time to spell out what your artifact will be.

Please post:

  • A summary of describing your artifact and how you decided on that intervention
  • A list of research links / articles (3-4) and the evidence that supports your intervention
  • The names and backgrounds of a few experts who you will reach out and talk to
  • A timeline for your project that ends the first week of November 2014

Don’t forget to set your Google doc sharing to “everyone with the link” and manually add

I am a bit lost to what a arftifact would be for my project idea

thanks for posting @squeakie
Your artifact can be anything that is of use to you and your goals for social change
lets talk through it together tonight!?


I missed tonight’s class not sure if I know what kind of project I will do for this class.

hi @Danyelle_J_Delves
thats why we want you to spend time with the posted materials and to play around out loud with some ideas. If you post ideas-- no matter how small-- it will give others the opportunity to reply/give feedback/encouragement.

Hi Adam and Vanessa,
After reading the posts, I know what my artifacts will be for my project.
I can’t wait to start!

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Google doc is a coo way to draft stuff up.


There a few of us who might sit around and become a think tank on how to improve the user friendliness of this website if you care to join.

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When to we get to hear what it will be??


So, I’ve collected some documentation on backyard farming through photographs and poems. I’m eager to share the trials and tribulations of doing it alone. I’m still working on the research around the city and ways we can, as a community, work together to bring farming back to our mainstream lives. It was great talking to Vanessa today! Thank you Adam and Vanessa!


It is a pretty good way to tell a story (pic) but what will be the story behind the pictures is my question not only for you but for myself as well.

great vision Ajay anything I can do to help??

I’m hoping the pictures behind the story will connect the reader to the actual work of urban farming. It’s sounds cooler than it really is. To grow ones own food is really hard work and if any of you know anything about that you know what I mean. I don’t grow to sustain my family for the year by any means; however strong my desire, I just really WANT to. For many reason one of which is cost. If we can teach each other the basics of growing our own food the better off we’ll all be. That’s what I think.

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Sounds like you’re thinking about an oral history project. That’s what @asbush has a ton of experience with, and so do I (including with documentary photography). Hit us up with questions!

I’m thinking about making a blog post for my personal site that might help me with applications for maybe schools in the future, but also for grants and other calls to action to help solve the confusion that we’ve run into a lot between our knowledge and comfort with radically open online learning and the way radically open online learning runs now/the skills we need in order to make the most of the Internet.

Fore more on why I’m interested and what kinds of resources I’m looking into, here’s the link.

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having fresh food around is always good I discovered that at Keith’s house a few weeks back when we where there. The difference taste of freshly picked veggies are really good.

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We can do some brainstorming around the vison and come up with some questions or figure out a clear direction on what I am looking for. Thanks Jose

Okay! I will do soon. Thanks!

I wish I had the time learn how to garden. It is almost a lost skill in the city. If more people know how I’m sure we would have a nice local farm to get veggies and fruit

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