Activity 5: Find Your Crew, Share Resources




  1. Find someone from Writing for Change who has a similar idea to your project.
  2. Draft a series of questions about what brought you to this point in your inquiry and with your issue.
  3. Craft an invitation to folks on the web for a public hangout and let Vanessa know–we’ll use the P2PU network to publicize it.
  4. Post a debrief of your hangout + sharing resources below!
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Regarding urban farming. Some questions I have are:

Can we eat food that we grow ourselves?

Would you eat food grown from the city’s soil?

Can neighbors organize and run a small farm?

Who will fund the project?

How can we get people on board?

What about a horticultural class to teach people how to farm?

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I like your vision on farms and what can happen in the city. I believe we can grow and eat from our own farm. The city soil would have to me check for safety and is it worth growing a farm in the city? I know the people of the city can make this happen, I also know it is going to take some work.To have a farm in the city, because it already happening in other places. If we do some research on it i’m sure we can find the funding.

@ajay + @Gina would you two be open to crafting an online conversation about urban farming? Who would you invite if you could?

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When I was in Detroit @ajay and @Gina, we stopped by an urban farm and the guy who ran it said they were using the EPA standards for testing soil to about as strict as they could do it with the limited equipment they had. It seemed to me like there’s will be an IMMENSE need for affordable environmental testing procedures and equipment in the near future if urban farming is going to really survive.

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I am not a farmer, but I love fresh foods and food period. So I’m done to get involved, just don’t know what direction to go into. I would have to invite the community to see how they feel and if they would invest into help the growth of the farm. I would invite the person who would be checking the soil and others who have started city farming already. To get there input and knowledge. @vanessa @Gina

I am not a farmer either but I find it very convenient to grow my own food and to go to farmers markets in the country. I know of the one farmers market in Pawtucket. Where do they get their food? Not very local I’m sure. It could be better. Why can’t we grow more farms that grow food here in Providence and sell it right here in Providence? Like in Detroit @Tyler Those are some of the questions on this subject. I know a couple people that will get their hands dirt!!

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