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Welcome Everyone to our first CU/P2PU course offering-- Writing 4 Change!
This is hugely exciting!
In our Writing 4 Change course we’ll be working together to creating tools for activism and social change in the worlds in which we work.
Keep coming back to discourse to take part in discussion threads, to ask questions, or to share resources!

Lets make some stuff happen!

Hi People, I’ve had very good intentions to join you on this course from start, but I had a head over heel month with resigning after being in a profession for 37 years. Looooonnnng story, but now important to hear: Am I too late to join at this stage or should I rather wait for the next course. I’m in the northern part of South Africa and the hope is to improve my ‘writing skills’ (for change when called for). So 2nd question, am I at the right place for the purpose. I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Jakes

Hey @Jakes pop on over to introduce yourself and get started on your creation myth:


Hey @vanessa what’s the status of this here course? I’m interested in taking part in it but don’t know if it is over or not.

Hey @nathan the course is winding down on a weekly basis but there’s no plan to “stop” it.

You may also pop over to if you are interested in finding a learning crew.

Thanks Vanessa, will do!