Community Newsletter 3: September 22

PS this was written by @Tyler (I’m just cross-posting) thanks Tyler!

Are you in the One Percent?

Some serious research is making us wonder just how many people participate in online communities.

It seems to look something like this:

So, where are you? Can you change places if you want? Do you wonder about everyone else?


We prefer to consider us more like a target with rings we move in and out of. 

So here's the challenge

1. Go HERE to find what Adam is beginning on Discourse, and add something to it, comment on it, or suggest something new. 

He asks you first to look at the readings from Module 3, and then to post something on that thread by the end of tonight.

2. We also look forward to your responses to the activity in Module 3, which is a thread HERE that Vanessa has already started.


We also want to take a moment to recognize our champions so far--Aneudy, Marggines, Jose, Ajay, Danyelle, Lisa, and Sandy. Hopefully you all can help blaze the way as we try to get a handle on what our artifacts are going to be!