Creating subcategories

I’m not sure I want to use them, but I see that Writing for Change has subcategories under their main category. I’m part of the team doing “Why Open?,” and I’m wondering how one creates subcategories. So far we just have our main category.

Again, not sure we need subcategories, but now I’m curious! Thanks!

Hey @clhendricksbc - only forum moderators can create categories, I think that also applies for subcategories.

Discussing whether you need subcategories first is a good idea. You can always move posts to subcategories at a later stage if you feel like the current category gets out of hand.

If you decide that you need subcategories, you can ask me to create one, or @jane can do it, she is also a moderator.

agree with @dirk that we should keep it simple for now @clhendricksbc ! but i have admin capabilities in case we need down the line