How Do I Find My Crew?

Good question. Let’s get you sorted.

In Writing For Change, you’ll be working with your “crew”–other learners who are interested in the same causes that you are. For your proposals and applications, you’ll share with this small group. We made subcategories for the following causes for you to choose from:

That should cover a lot of the social change landscape, but if you have a topic that isn’t covered, leave a reply and we can sort it out.

To navigate between the groups, at the top of the navigation for “Writing for Change” click the “all” button:

You’ll see a dropdown of different subject categories:

You are welcome to add additional resources, articles or ideas to your crew’s space. Also, follow the Announcements thread so we can send you updates :smile:

This topic is now invisible. It will no longer be displayed in any topic lists. The only way to access this topic is via direct link.

This topic is now visible. It will be displayed in topic lists.

Were these sub categorizes scrapped?