How to Get Your Badge for Writing for Change

Hi team,

Folks at College Unbound, thanks so much for having me last night. It was amazing meeting you, hearing about your backgrounds and seeing the work that you are doing.

As we said, there are Badges available for Writing for Change to recognize the good work that you all are doing.

@ajay + @squeakie I invite you to apply for the Collaboration Badge.
@Niebels I invite you to apply for the Advocacy Badge.

Click through to get to the landing page for the Badge. You’ll need to create a P2PU account (pretty painless) but this will allow you to push your badges to your backpack, display them on your LinkedIn profile or on your blog.

If you have questions, @ me (@vanessa) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks Lisa, Ajay and Jose (Squeakie) for being such stellar members of our learning community!

@ Vanessa I have been trying to create the course to get the badge but it keeps kicking it back.

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@squeakie + @ajay could you please describe what you are seeing? (And what you mean by “kicking back”?)

Or you can take a screenshot (press shift, command, 4 on a mac) and attach to this thread.

@ercchy and @dirk if you could look into Ajay and Jose’s request, I would be much obliged, Vanessa

Hey @squeakie - when you go to the badge and try to apply it should send you to the site and ask you to log in there? Is that happening when you are trying to apply?

Good morning P2P! I have my artifact write up ready to go. Do I post it here and is it time? Am I too late?

Yes @Gina
really can not wait to see what you have put together.

hey @squeakie - no love for @dirk or @vanessa?

@dirk - I just tried my hand at it and clicked one of the grey badges above, followed the button labeled “submit a project for this badge” at the bottom of the badge page, and tried to log in at the “Sign in or create account” portal that appears in the middle of the page, but I get a log-in error message saying “incorrect email, username, or password.” Assuming the credentials for this were the same as those that log me in to P2PU over all, I reset my password and made sure I was using the correct email/username, and it still doesn’t recognize my info.

I’m not sure if @squeakie or @ajay or @niebels have tried their hands at all this, but I will check.

Yes! i had no luck at accepting my badge and kind of gave up. lol! it was to much I had other things to do :frowning:

@dirk and @vanessa – I just sat with @squeakie and @ajay and @squeakie was able to get through the login page and access the actual badge-application-form, so he’s good. @ajay is running into the same issue I had, which is that the login page that comes up after clicking into the badge isn’t recognizing the email he uses for his overall P2PU login credentials. (We’re sure this is the right email because it’s listed as such in his profile page) .

Any thoughts?

hey @Tyler, do you have an account on both and Atm they aren’t the same, so for the badges you may need to create an account here: as well

Thanks @dirk I didn’t know that I’ve been operating this whole time with just a discourse login and not a P2PU one. I have a feeling this is the case for @ajay as well, and although it took me a little playing around, after using the register page you sent me to, I’m able to get to the badge application page.

Hi P2P!
I have my artifact ready. I’m going to try and post it today. If I run into trouble I will share a Google Drive link.
Thanks for the help Tyler!

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Here is the link to my Evernote account where you will find my crazy ass formatted artifact. I’m sorry if it’s hard to read. I did put a lot of thought into this project except the thought to send it out into the world in a nice neat little package. I hope you enjoy the pictures! I have more f you want to see more things like spring prep, summer lusciousness, good bugs and others.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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Very cool @gina. I just wanted to point out that I can’t see the entire thing without signing up for an account, which is easy enough, but just so you know.

Also, will you “create a topic” for your artifact in in the W4C course so it can breathe out in the open instead of being within this conversation about how to get badges in W4C?

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