My community poem

Please let me know what you think it’s for a project

Kids pick up a ball in hope of a dream
Do everything they need to do to be the man on the scene
No books, no knowledge, no backup plan
But hey who gives a fuck I’m the man

That man became the man alright
The man with the money, cars, woman and gold chains
See after that dream wasn’t made
He was force to run for Tyrone that was Taylormade

No books, No knowledge, No backup plan
But hey who gives a fuck cause I am still the man
I got that nine, 32 grams and my niggas are on call
Flashing lights, damn I can’t swallow these balls

Judges hands me 3 years with 2 to serve
Start thinking about what I did deserve
But with no books, no knowledge or a backup plan
This life of mine this man can’t stand

No books, no knowledge, no back up plans
Our community needs to fight in order to stand
Put down the guns and drugs from day to day
This has got to stop and will if will all just pray

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Just beautiful! I love the rhyme and the rythem of this.