Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi, everyone, I am a veteran and current student at a community college.

I am Khalila from the Northeastern United States. This is my first P2P course, and I know absolutely nothing about Python or coding. Trepidation? You bet!

Looking forward to working with all of you.

Hello! My name is Gustavo. I’m originally from Rio, Brazil and I’ve been living in NYC for almost twenty years now. I’ve been doing HTML CSS Websites for a long time, but I’m learning Python for the first time. Thank You for organizing this Study Group.


I’m Hamish and I’m hosting one of these groups in Cape Town. I’m finding my way and tonight is our first meet-up, so I’m hoping to sound a little more like I know what I’m doing by then.


Hi there,
This is Diego from Spain. I recently heard someone say if Leonardo Da vinci was alive today he would probably be coding.
Not that I want to compare myself to him, but I am an architect, an artist, a biomimic, a consultant and an entrepreneur . I study the emotional efficiency of technologies, and I am devoted to both physical and virtual spaces to promote collective engagement and social encounter. I just launched a new startup called Wuzzin to precipitate serendipity and I understand learning python is a requisite to communicate with my team. I also have two young daughters and I understand they will necessarily be learning code. So if I want to be in any way helpful in that part of their education I better get prepared. Plus I am really curious about it.
Best and see you around

Hi everyone. This course is starting up right when my Master’s in Educational Technology is wrapping up, so it’s really perfect timing! I really no nothing at all about coding, so maybe Python is not the language to start with. But I just know that I need to learn how to code.

Hello, I am starting with the May 2 group at Chicago Public Library. Looking forward to working with everybody both in person and online.

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Quick introduction: I teach elementary Computer Science/Multimedia Arts in Hawaii. Looking forward to MOOC-E. Far from a programming whiz, I enjoy my ‘late’ entry into the puzzles, skill-building and conceptual tinkering to make things work…and then asking, “How can this work better?”


Hi there!

I’m Santiago from Madrid, and I’m a game designer who doesn’t know much about programming, being this much about zero. So here I am, ready to learn Python, which I think it was due.

Hope to learn a lot and have a great time!

Hello! My name is Leandro Uchôa, I’m 34 years old and I am from São Paulo / Brazil.
I recently graduated in Information Security Technology and really want to learn Python to add knowledge to my career.
I’m finishing the second and final module of a Python course from Rice University through Coursera.org. I liked a lot and want to learn more, so I’m here.
PS: sorry for my English, I do not speak fluently …

Olá Gustavo! Que bom ver outro “brazuca” por aqui. Abs

Hi there, I’m from Spain and I’m looking forward to learning python properly! I am a physicist and i’ve learnt other languages like Fortran, but I’d love to learn python for myself!

See you there!

Hi there. DIrk here. I’m introducing myself as part of the discourse guide. Link to follow.

hi @ercchy - this is the discourse guide.

Hey @J_VM

UPDATE: Discourse guide available here.

This is Subbu from Cincinnati, OH, iam a Embedded Software Engineer (used mostly C language)

HI, I am Phil from Durban South Africa. Hoping to learn a programming language that will help do something useful.

Hi everyone! I am Catarina, from Portugal, I am total newbie in python and any programming, but I hope to have a great experience learning with all of you! =D

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Hi @Catarina_Loureiro - the course isn’t running atm, but you are welcome to work through the content and ask questions on the forum, some people may still be around.