Welcome! Please introduce yourself

#Hey there, I am MOOC-E.

I am a small robot but I have very curious mind. I have decided to learn how to code, because problem solving is my nature. No I am not just a pretty face.

I also like to meet new people and robots, and cats and dogs,… , In my life I learned a great deal from all of the beings that crossed my path, so the way I see it: learning together with others waaay is more fun, it’s more productive and overall much better for me. Besides, aren’t the best of memories from school the ones when you were up to “no good” together with class mates.

The thing you maybe did not know about me is that I am also made out of junk… Yes, you read it right. Junk! Let’s say, I am a living proof, that not everything we think of as trash, actually belongs there. I also have plenty of friends, who are made the same way as I am.

It’s your turn now, to tell me who you are. I can’t wait. :sunny:
I hope I will get to know you really well and we will become real good pals.

Please tell me about who you are, where are you coming from and why do you want to learn about programming, but tell me everything else about you as well. Oh and if you can think of any, don’t be afraid to share a joke, I am always up for a good laugh.


Hey everyone!

I am Erika and I am coming from Slovenia. I am already a Python developer and I am here to help Mooc-e and everyone who needs my help when they get stuck and things are not working as they should.

I am also active in bringing more women into the tech sphere, so I am regularly organizing groups like RailsGirls and DjangoGirls, but am also a elderly member of a local coding group which teaches women and men (everyone who wants), about programming. That is why I also found eight people who will be learning together about Python trough this course.

In all of my active years of getting a formal education (there were a lot), I find that learning together with my classmates brought me much more satisfaction in the long run. Heck, even my trips to the gym are much more fun when I am doing it with other people. I like to see I am not the only one out of breath suffering there :smiley:

So nice to meet you!


HI everyone

I’m Bekka - I’m a South African, based in Berlin and I work on marketing and communications at P2PU. I’ve tried several online programming courses before, and never really managed to get very far, so I’m hoping this one will be the exception to the rule!

I’m also a Phd student in Digital Humanities - I study what happens when museums undergo digital transformations, so I think a lot about knowledge and data, but I’ve never really thought about how to organise this information from a code perspective.

I’m looking forward to learning!


My name is Grif and I’m based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’ve been a bit intimidated about online programming courses before, but I trust this charismatic robot and his trusty companion Erika to help guide me through this springtime learning experience. I recently joined P2PU as the learning lead and am very excited to take part in my first P2PU course, both online and in a community here in Cambridge. Here’s a joke I heard somebody say once.

“Snakes don’t have any arms. That’s why you never see them wearing vests.”

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Hi there! I’m Dirk, from South Africa, living out of a suitcase somewhere in the Americas. My next programming trick will be organizing my photos, that is if I can find some time between working with Erika and taking them.

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Hi all! I’m Carl, an Australian based in the US, bravely signing up to take another Python course after not quite completing my last couple of attempts. I work at P2PU (though mostly not on this project) so super keen to see how this goes!

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Hi, I’m Valderrama from México, my first online course and my first approach to python.




I’m Tod Robbins and I’m based in Sandy, Utah, USA. I’m a librarian by training and have played with Python over the past few years but still need help understanding the language. I’m a relative novice when it comes to computer science though I have quite a bit of experience with front-end web development.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone!

Hi Valderrama, how is the weather in México?

I am very happy to meet you, and am sure that you first experience with online courses as well as Python will be a pleasant one.

The team and I are always here for anyone who needs help, so don’t be shy to ask if you encounter any snags along the way.



Hello Tod,

a librarian? This is something you have in common with Bekka, she also loves the smell of libraries :).

We would love to see some of the work you have done on the front-end development.


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I’m John from Boston, MA. Have fair bit of hobby-level programing experience, though not with Python so this should be the right speed for me!

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Hi there! I am Rodrigo, and I live in Ecuador. I have followed some tutorials and read some material about Python, as I really like promgramming and have sort of decided I want to start writing .py files. I am very excited about sharing and learning from you guys!

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Hi everyone. I’m Alex, and Canadian… I haven’t completed any python courses before, in addition to having just recently stumbled here. Thus in my process of discovery and might I add bewilderment as to the positiveness and availability of help or resources etc., I am writing. I do inquire and have a question; since I cannot find anyone in my proximity, is there the possibility of forming a skype/teamviewer study group? Thanks

Hi, I’m Sean (my handle concurs), from Washington, DC. This will be my third attempt at what once was termed The Mechanical MOOC (which seems to put me in company with @carl) – if each iteration takes me further along than the last, I’m good with that.

I’ve tinkered with CS and programmy and webdev-y stuff for a while personally and professionally, and find that it comes in handy.

I am an “open education professional” with a long acquaintance-from-afar with P2PU, but eager to dive deeper into the community of learners!

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Hi everyone,
Mariano from UK. Just trying Python to see what i can get from it… mainly looking to see how can i use it for analysing data. Will try to follow the course as much as I can. No promises, :sunny:

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Hello everyone!
I live in Macerata, Marche (Italy)
Interests: cinema, literature, music, nordic walking, photography
I learn and teach information technology.

I too took this course before as an introduction to Python. I really liked it and recommended to all of my students at my community college, and many have jumped on … Surely, everyone needs to learn more than one language :slight_smile:

@alexhascodex - Thats a good idea! Post about your study group here to reach out to other people who also want to do it online. Maybe pick a time and day that works for you and other people can join that if it works for them too?

Hello. I’m Thom. I teach (Aquatic Ecology and Biostats) at a small university nestled in the Smoky Mtns of western North Carolina, USA. I learned BASIC decades ago, then Pascal, then some Fortran, then SAS caught up with what I needed and now R serves that purpose. But, I was thinking this old dog needs to learn a few new tricks.

Hello everyone! My name is Thor living in WA-State. I have a tiny bit of programming experience in Basic and I tinkered with programming in different languages like Pascal and Java, but nothing serious so far. I looked into Python a few years ago but didn’t get anywhere. I hope to learn a few useful things and create something useful at some point. :smile: