Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi there! This is Martí (or just Marti). I am from Barcelona but are now living in Tübingen, Germany. I can basic-program in PERL but have been looking forward to learning Python for a while now. I am a bit caught with time, but hope to be able to finish this course!

Hi, I’m Irina! I’ve tried to learn coding for a couple of years but I don’t have much time and I find it difficult for a linguiste I am. So I have some basis already but I’d like to revise it to strengthen it.
I hope that joining other people in the same course will help me to keep the track.
I can’t wait to start!

Hello. I’m Roger from Sweden. I have some experience with programming and databases already but I want to learn something new. Hopefully I will be able to keep up. I have a sailing boat that consumes a lot of time right now but I will do my best. See you soon.

I’m Julia from South Africa. I work in the world of development and system engineering, but I am neither. I am familiar with most IT buzz words, but rarely understand what they mean in a practical sense. I am hoping that this course will be the launching pad in helping me to understand my colleagues and gain greater insight into what they do. Who knows it may lead to a new career direction :smile:

Just Lou, an old bugger of an lifelong learner from Mackay in Aussie,

Hi, I am in Pretoria. Hope you can help me if I get stuck!

Valderramma I’m from Mexico too, Monterrey to be more specific.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Kamal, venezuelan living in Spain for 15 yeras.

I’m an economist, matlab user and trying to learn a more powerful language.


Hi all! I’m Jessica, a librarian in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. I’ve never completed a course in Python before, but I’m excited to dive in and gain some new skills!

Hello vast electronic Universe!

I am a writer and poet secretly crossing over into the land of computers and logic from time to time. I was born in one place, but from several other places.

I caught the coding bug sometime this past winter and have exhibited an insatiable appetite since then. So far I’ve learned a bit of HTML and CSS so now I’m on to Python and Java.

Why? Because I love challenges and puzzles and it tickles me blue when I can see how something works that would normally be taken for granted.

Hello everyone!
I learn & teach, ICT
I live in Macerata Italy, interests: cinema, lerature, music, nordic walking, photography

Hello , I am Ramesh Jonathan from India. Nice to you all meet here.

Hi, I’m Glenn from Long Island, and am taking this course partly for fun, and partly because I sometimes have tasks that are best addressed with some programming. I’ve gone through the Mechanical MOOC before, and encourage everyone to stick with it, because it keeps getting better, culminating with the best stuff toward the end. If we stick together and discuss any programming difficulties that we encounter, we’ll all get through it and enjoy the experience along the way.

As some of the introductory material notes, this is a collection of resources that have been developed separately, so not everything fits together perfectly, but nearly so. However, all the assignments and everything else here works.

Hi guys / gals , i’m martin from slovenia , i’m working in IT for 8 years and always trying to get some new references.
So right now i’m sailing from system engineering to coding, thanks to you all!


Hi everyone - it’s so fantastic to see people coming to the course from all over the globe.
If you haven’t yet added yourself to the map on the main page, you can do it here

Also, it looks like study groups are springing up all over the show, from NYC to Slovenia, Kuwait and South Africa, and even on Skype. If you’re looking for a community to learn with, you might find one of these fits the bill.

If not, feel free to start your own, and find likeminded learners in the Study Groups topic

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Hi, everybody. I’m glad to be a part of a large python community. Even if I teach business informatics at business school and I like to teach online, I’ve never learnt Python. I’ve met some of them in the Zoo, but it is not what made me learn about it :wink:

So I’m here and I hope to be able to take a pass to this course. If only the a day will last an hour or more longer :frowning:

Regards from Slovenia

Hi, I’m Noël from france and a little late… but hopes to catch up this faster ;-).
It’s my first serious course on programming after many years of simple code hacks just to make everyday things works (I’m a CG artist) without knowing any good bases… it’s time now

Hello everyone!

I am so happy you are all here and really ready to learn the snake.

Does anyone know any good jokes?

I am attending a stand up comedy evening and am in need of good material.

Chuck Norris writes code that optimizes itself.

Hello everyone! My name is Shane (probably obvious by my user name). I live in Florida, USA and have lived here my whole life - one day I plan on leaving this state, but not really sure where I would like to move to. Any ways, I have been interested in Computer Science / Computer Programming since I was quite young, when I played my first computer game (Gold and Glory The Road To El Dorado) and I was just fascinated with how it all worked.
I am now 21 years of age and finishing up my 2nd year in college, going for an Associates degree in Computer Programming and Analysis. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite sure this is what I wanted to do when I first started college so I started out extremely slowly so I am behind as far as my formal education goes. I have actually taken a beginning programming course that used Python, but it’s been almost a year since then so I need to brush up and I never really felt like I got much out of it any ways.
Greatly looking forward to this course and interacting with all of you. Good luck to all. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I am Mthunzi from South Africa. Currently in Pietermaritzburg, jolly and funny guy. I would like to interact with most if not all of you and get to grips with Python.

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