Course Planning Watercooler (DO NOT COME IN HERE!)

In this thread, Vanessa, Adam, and Tyler will post our notes from our weekly meetings.

In those meetings we plan for the next few weeks. But, since we want want everyone to own this course and build it together as we move along, we think it would be best to put these notes in the open. You can reply and comment if you see something you like, or if you have questions, or just anything, really.

It might also help you figure out how to use P2P in a way that makes sense for you. That way you don’t feel like this:

or like this:

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Notes From September 10 2014

  • Module 3 up on GitHub
  • Vanessa to do, and then Adam smooooooooths
  • Good example of scale
  • Newsletter
  • AJ creating his own post. Nice job!
  • Adam: to write something on the readings

Critiquing Posts

  • We’d like to see everyone comment on the googledoc posts of the people they are following
  • Choose one way to look at the post, one aspect to focus on, but If someone has already commented on tone and style, grammar, or fact-checking then do it with another lens. Try to give that person new feedback than what someone already gave

By Friday–>Tyler, Sandra give feedback to each other in the way that models this

Monday Hangout:

  • Introduce commenting

Next Monday

  • Re-go-over commenting in google docs
  • Vanessa: access to googledoc
  • Adam: intro to sandra peltier for essay critique

To Do Next

  • Tyler & Vanessa do our essays and model feedback
  • Tyler: assess Discourse for identity & freedom affordances
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September 17 2014

  • Module 3 put up today

Vanessa Visit on P2PU:

  • OG Edupunk–>crew who didn’t fit in at college / school

Discussion about what kind of artifact to make

  • Insert into module 4: manifesto–>make that the assignment
  • Perhaps frame the story of how as your manifesto

Research project Open University

  • Distinguishing that there are different types of student populations
    • People who drop out / you guys at CU / folks who are lurking + watching
    • Add post about online learning communities–80/20 rule of lurkers / participants
    • Ask: giving you the tools to apply it in the future whenever you need to apply it–>ie levitate 1/4 inch off the ground in the future
  • The CU crew understands that what they do has a lasting effect on what happens next–and they are ok with being part of the experiment

Begin to reference badges–>

  • yes it’s about writing, but you need demonstrate advocacy as well
  • start a new thread–>advocacy
  • responding to someone else–>collaboration

Why have folks not started a thread?

  • empty space is scary
  • no prompt to respond to
  • next time: as your first move, mess it up–> make one action. you can’t break it

Vanessa Gennarelli to dos

  • post about online learning communities–80/20 rule of lurkers / participants --> work tomorrow with @Tyler
  • module 3
  • research–how could we have structured this so that lurkers may have gotten involved?
    do you see yourself in this research? or is this different than how you engage?
  • Ask @dirk to pull data specifically on Writing for Change

September 25 2014

  • Recap: learning about online communities
  • Badges
    • How to explain / package to stem confusion?
    • How do I know I am doing it? Badges are one way to recognize that
    • Help to give answers to that that include getting messy and exercising agency
    • Re-make the resume / Who are the people we want to have access to what students are doing?–>recruit future employers
  • Blog post from OU up tomorrow


Tyler’s materials

Tech: fix reply by email Dirk Uys plssss :slight_smile:


  • 5:30 gathering
  • 6:00 everyone in the room
  • 6:15-6:45 time with everyone – > acknowledge the awesomeness with badgery
  • Self-curation
  • Introduce badges
  • Group reflection (from Tyler’s post)
  • Conceptualisation
    • “…for students to understand and/or consolidate their learning about concepts and procedures…”
      Not sure if P2P is the place to do it since a lot of that happens face-to-face at CU, but if we wanted to, I think it would be helpful to focus a module around consolidating the knowledge we have accrued so far, maybe just a check in piece asking people to recap and note some trends either in their work or another person’s?
    • We, online learners, define what we want from online learning—>what we want from online learning spaces

Vanessa to dos

  • Classroom activity
  • Talk at CU for 30 mins
  • Newsletter tomorrow
  • Badges (art project!)

Technical Bits:

Community mindsets:

Notes from October 30 2014

  • Adam, Vanessa, and Tyler started talking about a report to gather the whole story of this thing into one place, probably to be seen first when people take the course again in the future, and to help the course make more sense as a course that can happen over and over again. Check out examples of reports here
  • Today (Thursday) Tyler will send out an email poking the class to get back on the horse so we can finish getting some artifacts up, giving feedback, and generally completing the modules by about Thanksgiving
  • Over the weekend - complete Module 3 stuff and Monday we’ll talk about Module 4 so w can begin it
  • A post course survey is upcoming!