How Do I Create and Share My Googledoc?

We’ll be using googledocs to write our resumes and proposals, and give each other feedback in our small groups. Here’s a quick primer on how to create a document and share it in your group.

  1. Go to and sign up for a gmail account.
  2. Create a “new document” like so:
  3. Share your document by clicking the blue share button on the top right corner. Select the option for “anyone with the link can comment”
  4. You’ll be given a static link to share with your group on Discourse.
  5. Finally, personally invite the address to comment on your document too, so the P2PU crew can help.

You’re all set. Comment here if you have questions, or in your small group so others can help you.

Ok so does this mean that all post have to put in google docs?

Hi @Danyelle_J_Delves: yes–please post your activities as a google doc and use the settings outlined above.

Ok so that means anything we write need to be share from google docks

That’s correct @pyguinn. Let me know if you are having issues. You are also welcome to come to our unhangout on Monday night at 7pm EST for help using Googledocs + Discourse:

Why all the trouble? Couldn’t it be handled right here?