Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi there! I am Rodrigo, and I live in Ecuador. I have followed some tutorials and read some material about Python, as I really like promgramming and have sort of decided I want to start writing .py files. I am very excited about sharing and learning from you guys!

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Hi everyone. I’m Alex, and Canadian… I haven’t completed any python courses before, in addition to having just recently stumbled here. Thus in my process of discovery and might I add bewilderment as to the positiveness and availability of help or resources etc., I am writing. I do inquire and have a question; since I cannot find anyone in my proximity, is there the possibility of forming a skype/teamviewer study group? Thanks

Hi, I’m Sean (my handle concurs), from Washington, DC. This will be my third attempt at what once was termed The Mechanical MOOC (which seems to put me in company with @carl) – if each iteration takes me further along than the last, I’m good with that.

I’ve tinkered with CS and programmy and webdev-y stuff for a while personally and professionally, and find that it comes in handy.

I am an “open education professional” with a long acquaintance-from-afar with P2PU, but eager to dive deeper into the community of learners!

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Hi everyone,
Mariano from UK. Just trying Python to see what i can get from it… mainly looking to see how can i use it for analysing data. Will try to follow the course as much as I can. No promises, :sunny:

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Hello everyone!
I live in Macerata, Marche (Italy)
Interests: cinema, literature, music, nordic walking, photography
I learn and teach information technology.

I too took this course before as an introduction to Python. I really liked it and recommended to all of my students at my community college, and many have jumped on … Surely, everyone needs to learn more than one language :slight_smile:

@alexhascodex - Thats a good idea! Post about your study group here to reach out to other people who also want to do it online. Maybe pick a time and day that works for you and other people can join that if it works for them too?

Hello. I’m Thom. I teach (Aquatic Ecology and Biostats) at a small university nestled in the Smoky Mtns of western North Carolina, USA. I learned BASIC decades ago, then Pascal, then some Fortran, then SAS caught up with what I needed and now R serves that purpose. But, I was thinking this old dog needs to learn a few new tricks.

Hello everyone! My name is Thor living in WA-State. I have a tiny bit of programming experience in Basic and I tinkered with programming in different languages like Pascal and Java, but nothing serious so far. I looked into Python a few years ago but didn’t get anywhere. I hope to learn a few useful things and create something useful at some point. :smile:


Hi there! This is Martí (or just Marti). I am from Barcelona but are now living in Tübingen, Germany. I can basic-program in PERL but have been looking forward to learning Python for a while now. I am a bit caught with time, but hope to be able to finish this course!

Hi, I’m Irina! I’ve tried to learn coding for a couple of years but I don’t have much time and I find it difficult for a linguiste I am. So I have some basis already but I’d like to revise it to strengthen it.
I hope that joining other people in the same course will help me to keep the track.
I can’t wait to start!

Hello. I’m Roger from Sweden. I have some experience with programming and databases already but I want to learn something new. Hopefully I will be able to keep up. I have a sailing boat that consumes a lot of time right now but I will do my best. See you soon.

I’m Julia from South Africa. I work in the world of development and system engineering, but I am neither. I am familiar with most IT buzz words, but rarely understand what they mean in a practical sense. I am hoping that this course will be the launching pad in helping me to understand my colleagues and gain greater insight into what they do. Who knows it may lead to a new career direction :smile:

Just Lou, an old bugger of an lifelong learner from Mackay in Aussie,

Hi, I am in Pretoria. Hope you can help me if I get stuck!

Valderramma I’m from Mexico too, Monterrey to be more specific.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Kamal, venezuelan living in Spain for 15 yeras.

I’m an economist, matlab user and trying to learn a more powerful language.


Hi all! I’m Jessica, a librarian in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. I’ve never completed a course in Python before, but I’m excited to dive in and gain some new skills!

Hello vast electronic Universe!

I am a writer and poet secretly crossing over into the land of computers and logic from time to time. I was born in one place, but from several other places.

I caught the coding bug sometime this past winter and have exhibited an insatiable appetite since then. So far I’ve learned a bit of HTML and CSS so now I’m on to Python and Java.

Why? Because I love challenges and puzzles and it tickles me blue when I can see how something works that would normally be taken for granted.

Hello everyone!
I learn & teach, ICT
I live in Macerata Italy, interests: cinema, lerature, music, nordic walking, photography