Activity 1: Your Creation Myth

You’ll write a couple of short bio pieces this week and jot down a quick list of issues on your mind. Please create a google doc and share the link here.

Specific questions to answer this week:

  • What’s your bio? (Don’t just a cut and paste of your bio from work.) Briefly share who you are, what you do, and what motivates you. You might also share what challenges or frustrates you.
  • What’s you creation myth? What has shaped you? Like Turkle and Auster, are there objects that are always with you or symbolize who you are in some way?
  • What social issues are on your mind?

For directions on how to post your assignment, please follow these directions: How Do I Create and Share My Googledoc?

From my understanding this first assignment was to give a small introduction about myself.

Hello my name is Danyelle Delves I am a 29 year old mother of two. I work for the Providence school dept for the last 8 years. I am a teacher assistant in a behavior classroom with grades 6th-8th. I decided to go back to college to further my education and secure my families future. When I was introduced to College Unbound I knew that we had a future together. Everything about it was right the time schedule and also the extra support that I knew I would need.

I am now hopefully in my last year here with college unbound as a student. I look forward in learning and growing in this online writing class.


Hi Danyelle!
great start and thanks for taking the lead in posting here-- but a few notes

  1. about posting the story of your creation myth-- even though I know you have limited time in your day and lots to do-- try to take some time thinking/writing about “What’s you creation myth? What has shaped you? Like Turkle and Auster, are there objects that are always with you or symbolize who you are in some way? What social issues are on your mind?” your post above doesnt really yet do that
  2. you wanna try to get used to doing it through google docs so that when youre dong longer more collaborative work
    so glad youre a part of this!

@asbush & @Danyelle_J_Delves I’ll go first–I’ll admit I’m a little nervous, so I’ll write a paragraph below as a teaser and a link to the full doc (once I started writing, I couldn’t stop):

The name Vanessa isn’t that strange, but in the 1980s it wasn’t popular (with the exception of daytime soaps). At the zoo or in the airport, I’d check the kiosks for pencils or keychains with my name on them. I remember searching right between “Valerie” and “Victoria”–the name “Vanessa” was no where to be found.

Full googledoc:


Hello, my name is Gina!
I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, a divorced woman who raise those daughters by herself, and now, a recently married woman raising chickens in the country! I am also a preschool teacher who has been working at Brown Fox Point Early Childhood Education Center and Providence Rhode Island for the past 15 years. I started College Unbound three years ago and I am very close to finishing my degree! I need to complete a couple of portfolios and submit them to receive credits in order to walk in the spring. This has proven to be a challenge for me. However, playing with my dogs and working in my garden has helped ground me when the going get tough on my spirit.

My creation myth is that I could never Dance! It’s true, I did not have rhythm when I was younger. My family would laugh at my expense. However, I have grown to appreciate the talents of the artists, the rhythm and energy of music! For me, it has nothing to do with being able to hold the steps in place like you should but to feel the music in your soul and to feel the music in your heart and allow your body to freely move with the sounds. Music is my favorite favorite favorite thing in the world. Music has healing powers! Today, I have been honored by many people who have complemented my dancing. They come up to me in clubs and during concerts and want to touch my body as I move. It’s amazing! Who would have thought that dancing would be my best feature.

I am currently interested in the issues in Ferguson Missouri, politics, and Children’s literature!


Hi @Gina great post… but, especially for practice, see if you can mirror how @vanessa added her google doc to the post. Itll be an important part of this online workshop as things move along in future weeks
any of the Turkle or Auster readings strike you from this Module-- is “music” your “pencil” as one of the readings says?
Also-- excited/interested to hear you write more about how Ferguson Missouri, politics, and Children’s literature all connect (with your dance/movement work as well)!
thanks for posting!

Im a little confused, Am I creating a story but that is a lie or the truth with a little twist in it.
I also think its suppose to be about something that happened some time ago. Please let me know.

Hi @Danyelle_J_Delves
you want to look here:
thats where the course materials are
click on readings and activities to guide you each week
you then post them here in “discourse” (like a discussion board). See @vanessa 's above for a strong example of the type of writing this week

thanks for being on top of it!

@Danyelle_J_Delves admittedly I wrote quite a bit. As I began thinking about my sneakers, I then thought about makeup and tools and all the objects around me that I point to when I think about the causes I’m passionate about…the experiences that shaped me.

Hi All,
I am not sure if this is on the mark, but here is what I’ve put done for the time being…

Looking forward to exploring ideas for a better world with you all in more detail.


Hey Folks, Aneudy here. Here is the link to my bio/creation

@aneudy so great, as always, to read your work and to be reminded about why you do what you do

Hi All
here’s my draft of my Creation Myth
hope it explains some of what Im coming from with my higher ed work and teaching and everything

comments appreciated!

excited to move into writing together with folks!

Here is the link to my Creation Myth, please give me feed back! thanks have a great weekend!

Hello Bridie,
My name is Lisa I read your post and I agree that there needs to be a more humanistic approach to mental health issues. I have suffered with depression and the medication was not useful. I needed to change my lifestyle so that I was under less stress. I have family and friend who are and have suffered with mental illnesses and over and over again I think that they should have been given a rest cure before medication just to discover their baseline. It appears to me as though the industry does not want to take the time to stabilize people but just wants to pump them full of drugs. The time to stabilize will vary with people but to balance their nutrition, sleep and activity to a healthy level before medication seems like a reasonable request. In the case of extreme grief over the death of a loved one again different people need different amounts of time to process the experience. Why are we so quick to medicate, could it be that there is money to be made? Sometimes solutions take time and we need to be patient and allow the person suffering to direct their care in a way that meets their needs. My heart is with you Be The Change you can do this! -Lisa

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Aneudy I loved reading this. I am glad you have decided to go to College Unbound I hope you are able to get what you need here. Were you able to connect with Sam Broun? -Lisa

Thanks Adam for posting this it helped me t understand the assignment.

Love reading about you, as you know I am in your fan club. You are an amazing role model for your daughter.

Nice to meet you Vanessa. Glad your voice is here. -Lisa

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